Staff & Board Members

The AFCD Executive Board is elected each year at their Annual Meeting and also serve on their local Soil and Water Conservation District board.

The Executive Board plays a vital role in conservation efforts by providing leadership to the 54 active Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Florida. It is AFCD’s goal to bring together local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, as a single unit, through effective communication and leadership development. All this is done while helping to build the capacity and capabilities of the individual districts, expanding available resources, promoting conservation education and enhancing public awareness.

  • The State of Florida is divided into four conservation district areas.
  • Each area is represented by a Vice President and a one Alternate Vice President.
  • The Vice Presidents and Alternate Vice Presidents are members of the AFCD Board, though not Executive Members.
  • The Vice President and Alternate Vice Presidents, with the support of the AFCD Executive Board, support and assist the efforts of the districts that fall within their jurisdiction.


Charlene Meeks, Executive Director
Office: 352-507-7065
Cell: 352-316-8782

Natalie Jernigan, Restoration Coordinator
Cell: 850-287-6937

Quinn Carter, Conservation Reserve Program Coordinator
Cell: 850-544-6679

Katrina Acree, Administrative Specialist
Cell: 352-221-8531

Board Members


Buck Carpenter, President, Madison SWCD

Matthew Griffin, 1st Vice President, Lake SWCD

Eva Webb, 2nd Vice President, Palm Beach SWCD

Wilbur Dean, Secretary/Treasurer, Levy SWCD

Burlin Findley, Past President, Blackwater SWCD

Archie Matthews, Parliamentarian, Alachua SWCD


Area 1 Vice President- Michael Brown, Gadsden SWCD

Area 1 Deputy Vice Present- Vincent Moore, Gadsden SWCD

Area 2 Vice President-

Area 2 Deputy Vice President-

Area 3 Vice President- Myke Morris, Hillsborough SWCD

Area 3 Deputy Vice President- Kim Buchheit, Orange SWCD

Area 4 Vice President- Rob Griffin, Collier SWCD

Area 4 Deputy Vice President- Jared Plair, Hendry SWCD

Pictured from left to right- Wilbur Dean, Secretary Treasurer | Eva Webb, 2nd Vice President | Buck Carpenter, President | Matthew Griffin, 1st Vice President | Missing- Burlin Findley, Past President | Archie Matthews, Parliamentarian