Here is information about the upcoming contests being conducted by SWCD.2018 Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home Logo

Poster Contest

healthy soils poster contestWe are please to announce the following 2017 Poster Contest winners. This year’s theme was “Healthy Soils are Full of Life.”


First Place Winners

  • K-1: 1st Place, Aubrey Ellis, Hillsborough SWCD
  • 2-3: 1St Place, Ian LaFleur, Seminole SWCD
  • 4-6: 1st Place, AnaKaren Sandoval, Glades SWCD
  • 7-9: 1st Place, Raquel Toledo, Glades SWCD
  • 10-12: 1st Place, Sierra Sistrunk, Levy SWCD

Second Place Winners

  • K-1: 2nd Place, Marley Gaskins, Suwannee SWCD
  • 2-3: 2nd Place, Julianna Butler, Marion SWCD
  • 4-6: 2nd Place, Sakura Ruiz, Suwannee SWCD
  • 7-9: 2nd Place, Olivia Milburn, Hillsborough SWCD
  • 10-12: 2nd Place, Stephanie Robinson, Hillsborough SWCD

Third Place Winners

  • K-1: 3rd Place, Chase McGriff, Indian River SWCD
  • 2-3: 3rd Place, Angelina Terhune, Indian River SWCD
  • 4-: 3rd Place, Nycole Parker, Levy SWCD
  • 7-9: 3rd Place, Abigail Driskell, Blackwater SWCD
  • 10-12: 3rd Place, Taryn McCain, Glades SWCD

healthy soils poster contestThe annual NACD and NACD Auxiliary Poster Contest provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade the chance to have their art displayed as part of a national conservation outreach initiative.

Each year, the winning posters reflect NACD’s annual Stewardship theme, and highlight the work of conservation districts and their state conservation associations, auxiliaries, and agencies to protect and enhance natural resources. The contest starts at the district level; winners advance to the state level, and then to the national level, where they receive recognition at NACD’s annual meeting.

The poster contest is open to public, private, and home-schooled students.

For more information on the competition requirements, follow this link.

Remember  your local and state participation rules may differ from the national rules.

The top three posters in each category of the national contest will receive monetary prizes.

  • First place winners will receive $200
  • Second place winners will receive $150
  • Third place winners will receive $100.
  • The NACD Auxiliary, through their quilt project proceeds and the Albert I. Pierce Foundation, sponsor prizes at the national level.

If you have any questions, contact NACD at

The annual Conservation Poster Contest provides kindergarten through twelfth grade students an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues through art. It also highlights the educational outreach efforts of conservation districts and their state conservation associations, auxiliaries and agencies. The poster contest theme follows the annual NACD Stewardship theme.

Poster Contest:

1st Place- $50 Dollars

2nd Place- $35 Dollars

3rd Place- $25 Dollars

2018 Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home Logo2018 Poster Contest Theme: Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home

Poster Categories By Grade:

The contest is open to public, private or home school students, girl scout/boy scout troops, etc.

Photo Contest

Excellent photography can communicate volumes.

To recognize individuals who use this tool effectively and creatively, NACD and NACD Auxiliary joined forces to host an annual Photo Contest. The contest is open to all amateur photographers who reside in the U.S. or its territories. Contestants are allowed to enter as many as five photos each year that each fit into one of the following four categories: Conservation Practices, Close-up Conservation, Conservation in Action, or Agriculture and Conservation Across America. Click here to view examples for each of the categories.

Photos are judged on technical merit and composition.

  • On technical merit, photos will be judged on whether they are well-framed, properly exposed, and sharp/clear.
  • On composition, the photos will be judged on imagination and creativity.
  • One winner will be selected for each category and age division (adults are 19 and older as of December 1, 2017.)
  • Each first place winner at the national level will receive a $100 cash prize.
  • Second place winners will receive $50.
  • These cash awards are made possible by the NACD Auxiliary’s quilt project proceeds and the Albert I. Pierce Foundation.
  • Honorable mention award winners will also be selected for each category, but will not receive a monetary award.

The submission deadline for the 2016 Photo Contest has passed; winners will be announced at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver. Photos for the 2017 Photo Contest must be submitted by December 1, 2017 to NACD.

If you have any questions, please contact NACD by email at

Speech Contest

2017 Speech Contest Winners

2017 Speech Contestants Winners

2017 Speech Contestants Winners

Left to Right

  • Roxanna Storms, Hillsborough 1st Place
  • Sydney Allen, Levy 2nd Place
  • Saralyn Jenkins, Gadsden 3rd Place

Soil and Water Conservation District sponsors an annual public speaking contest, which is designed to develop leadership and stimulate interest in conserving natural resources. The 2017  Speech Contest Topic was “Healthy Soils Are Full of Life.”

Many districts will be holding these contests. Please check with your District Office for their details.

Speeches are to be no more than 5-7 minutes. Independent research on the topic works to further educate students in conservation and natural resources, while public speaking provides a host of additional benefits.

Speech Contest:

  • 1st Place- $500 Dollars
  • 2nd Place- $250 Dollars
  • 3rd Place- $150 Dollars
  • 4th Place- $100 Dollars