Acronyms and Abbreviations-PDF

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACEP                          Agricultural Conservation Easement Program

AFCD                          Association of Florida Conservation Districts

BMAP                        Best Management Practice

CSP                             Conservation Security Program

CSREES                      Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service

EPA                             United States Environmental Protection Agency

EQUIP                         Environmental Quality Incentives Program

F.A.C                          Florida Administrative Code

FAR                             Florida Administrative Register

FARMS                      Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems

FAWN                        Florida Automated Weather Network

FCDEA                       Florida Conservation District Employees Association

FDACS                       Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

FDEO                         Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

FDEP                          Florida Department of Environmental Protection

FDOR                         Florida Department of Revenue

FFA                             Future Farmers of America

FFB                             Florida Farm Bureau

F.S.                             Florida Statutes

IFAS                            Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

MIL                             Mobile Irrigation Lab

NACD                         National Association of Conservation Districts

NRCS                          Natural Resources Conservation Service

OAWP                       Office of Agricultural Water Policy

RCPP                          Regional Conservation Partnership Programs

RFP                             Request for Proposal

SWCD                        Soil and Water Conservation District

SWIM                        Surface Water Improvement and Management

TMDL                         Total Maximum Daily Load

UF                               University of Florida

USACOE                    United States Army Corps of Engineers

USDA                         United States Department of Agriculture

WMD                         Water Management District