2018 Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the following 2018 Poster Contest winners. This year’s theme was “Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home”

2018 Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home LogoFirst Place Winners

  • K-1: 1st Place, Aymslie Dillenburg, Marion SWCD
  • 2-3: 1St Place, Maggie Mosley, Clay SWCD
  • 4-6: 1st Place, Julianna Butler, Marion SWCD
  • 7-9: 1st Place, Alexa Carnahan, Suwannee SWCD
  • 10-12: 1st Place, Aoibh Potter, Hendry SWCD

Second Place Winners

  • K-1: 2nd Place, Nathan Taylor, Hillsborough SWCD
  • 2-3: 2nd Place, Leana Montalvo, Hillsborough SWCD
  • 4-6: 2nd Place, Jeremy Speros, Jackson SWCD
  • 7-9: 2nd Place, Anya Paymani, Lake SWCD
  • 10-12: 2nd Place, Samacha Nernginn, Hillsborough SWCD

Third Place Winners

  • K-1: 3rd Place, Kawena Keen, Indian River SWCD
  • 2-3: 3rd Place, Laeda Middleton, Glades SWCD
  • 4-6: 3rd Place, Aiden Pabst, Okeechobee SWCD
  • 7-9: 3rd Place, Matthew Speros, Jackson SWCD
  • 10-12: 3rd Place, Taylor Young, Jackson SWCD

Fourth Place Winners

  • K-1: 4th Place, Orzavius Martinez, Gadsden SWCD
  • 2-3: 4th Place, William Speros, Jackson SWCD
  • 4-6: 4th Place, OdPine Pierre, Seminole SWCD
  • 7-9: 4th Place, Siobhan Potter, Hendry SWCD
  • 10-12: 4th Place, Karen Arregnin, Suwannee SWCD